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Soft ~ Dreamy ~ Romantic ~ Sexy

Isn’t it time for you to show your inner Princess? At Stephanie Farrell Photography, you will be a princess for a day…..or…who knows? Your boudoir, glamour or portrait session may leave you feeling like a Princess everyday!! You will have beautiful, soft, dreamy, romantic and SEXY photos to have forever. They make a wonderful gift and of course they are an awesome gift to give to YOURSELF!

The art of  Photography varies with each artist photographer. Stephanie’s philosophy is to have fun! “I loved to play dress up when I was a little girl. Boudoir/Glamour  photography is dress up fun for grown up girls!” Stephanie brings her 17 years of experience as a makeup artist and fashion/image consultant to her Boudoir, Glamour and Portrait Photography. “I love to collect things that I think would look great in a photo. Some of my favorite things are vintage clothing, cool high heels, tons of jewelry and I’m always looking for interesting furniture. I am constantly adding to my collection of props and I invite my guest models (you!) to use anything they like!”

Who should consider having a Boudoir, Glamour and Portrait Photography shoot? “I think every woman, every body is beautiful. All shapes and sizes!” Says Stephanie. “Age is just a number. I think all women are sexy and awesome at every age. As a woman in my 50′s, I don’t think of myself as old. I love to encourage other women of all ages to show their inner beauty. I love to find just the right setting and pose to show my model (you!) in the best way possible.” Stephanie is passionate about what she does and it’s infectious. “When my clients first show up, they are often nervous. It’s so normal. It doesn’t take long and we are creating together! This is a collaborative occasion. It’s some of my vision and some of my clients. I want their session to be all about them. They WILL be pampered!”

Stephanie’ Farrell Photography is located in Jackson Ca, only 1 hour from Sacramento.